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The Upgrowth Group is a consulting and coaching firm that helps leaders improve organizational health. We partner with leaders to align risk management with organizational development functions.

We help you create a healthier organization by providing customized solutions and recommendations using data-driven strategies.

Leaders know an organization’s health is the foundation of its growth. But leaders avoid addressing organizational health because they lack an effective process to measure it and improve it. We can help. 

Services & Solutions

We would love the opportunity to partner with you; it is a privilege we don’t take for granted. 

The Upgrowth Group is a 100% Native American-Owned & Woman-Owned Business. 

We help you address red flags. 

We believe the heart of consulting and coaching is service. ​Our purpose is to serve our clients. We approach service by being fiercely committed to two things: listening and transparency. 

The Upgrowth Group is a consulting and coaching firm

that helps leaders improve organizational health. 

Our proprietary Red Flag Assessment is the perfect starting point for any leader ready to address organizational health. 

​We offer consulting services, coaching, assessments, training frameworks, and reporting solutions.

​We develop dynamic training programs that focus on organizational health, ethics and compliance, risk management, people operations, and strategic resilience. Our “Inward, Outward, Forward” training framework is the secret sauce to our effective workshops.

We partner with leaders to assess, measure, and report on an organization’s health and strategic resilience plan. After all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. We help our clients establish ethical reporting protocols designed to engage stakeholders, both internal and external. 

We help our clients develop programs
focused on compliance and risk management. We can help you review current policies and procedures to determine alignment with your organizational health goals. From contract management plans to ESG plans, we can partner with your team to help improve outcomes. Not sure where to start? Let's chat. We can help you define the policies, procedures, and programs that are right for your organization. 

​We know it is all about people. Our coaching sessions help leaders assess their current skills and focus on opportunities for growth. We offer one-on-one or group coaching sessions. We facilitate group coaching programs that are very popular (we call them “Growth Groups”).